The Value of Nature

Research in Economics in the Press

An Economist for Nature Calculates the Need for More Protection
Published: August 8, 2011
Gretchen Daily is one of the pioneers in the growing worldwide effort to protect the environment by quantifying the value of “natural capital.”

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  1. In this article, it shows the work of Dr. Gretchen Daily, and how she is one of the leading forces of trying to put a monetary value onto wildlife and forests. Dr. Daily hopes that by doing this, people will finally understand the true value of nature for what it is, rather than a building block for today’s’ society. By showing how nature can be thought of as a good or service, it opens up a new door to thinking about how valuable nature really is. Nature helps society in more than one way such as flood protection and carbon storage. Dr. Daily is now working with many different organizations around the world to help preserve the ecosystems.

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