Sustainablility Symposium at Pine Mountain SS

My drive to Pine Mountain Settlement School was ominous but the symposium was very interesting.  I had a chance to meet many folks from unique organizations.

As a reminder to myself and a nod to those who kept me company I leave this trail:

I met a former President of KFTC and was pleased to learn about the broad form deed.  This was a direct discussion about the passing of a constitutional amendment which was necessary to protect landowners from growing  abuses of land owned by individuals who had sold their mineral rights.

I met Martin Richard of KFTC  who was very helpful and knowledgeable about many things.  Martin works with KFTC on community economic development.

Perhaps most compelling for me was the session focused on the carbon offset market and MACED role in helping develop verifiable high-quality carbon offsets.  Scott Shouse, a forester from MACED was willing to listen–and respond–to my questions.

I also met folks from the Woodland Community Trust, Marie and Carol, who provided a very interesting perspective on community forestry.   From this session I am reminded about the depth of reverence that should accompany analysis and discussion of “the forest.”

Thanks to all who made this a pleasant and productive visit.  Sorry I missed the music.


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